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"That the Methodist Bookshop, as a subsidiary of the Methodist Church in Fiji, be a focal point where people of diverse ethnic backgrounds and religious (Christians) denominations, come to seek peace, comfort and knowledge, through the spiritual, academic and education information available; and to be also a source of spiritual strengthening to all members of the Methodist Church through the resources and services."



"To provide quality products and services that present "spiritually based values for living, professionally, efficiently and competitively and to achieve a pre - eminent position in our chosen markets."



To transform its vision into reality, the Methodist Bookshop adopts the following objectives

with a mission to:

  • Provide advice on the types of services, and resources available to meet the needs of its customers.
  •  Display for sale, copies of the Holy Bible and Bible Commentaries in the different languages (English, Fijian, Rotuman and Hindi)
  • Have available for sale or otherwise religious books, paper backs, brochures/ and the like on spiritual or Christian wing / strengthening for individuals, groups or families.
  • Have a display of colourful gift ideas and suggestions of spiritual land personal upliftment suitable for all occasions.
  • Have in good supply liturgical resources and garments for the clergy and congregations.
  • Support the holistic development of schools  Primary, Secondary & Tertiary through the provision of biblical publications including the Bible at reduced or subsidized prices.
  • Provide stationery, text books and other related resources for Primary & Secondary schools, in particular the Methodist Schools in the rural areas.
  • Support the encouragement of promoting Fijian language and literature.
  • Provide information technology services to its own customers that move with current communication development.
  • To be economically viable and operate as a business arm of the church
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